O’Sensei Kim on kumite: Do the hitting and don't get hit. Radar Line your front fist up with your opponent's nose and jab. You must not let his nose get away. If you are alone use a mirror. Follow your nose and practice side to side, in and out. To move the head take the step. Block as insurance and uppercut. If he can't hit you, then he can't hurt you. The position of your feet is very very important. Practice stepping to the side, with the front foot in order to move the head. Hand stays where it is, so relatively speaking it comes to the chin. Always move. Never stay in the same place. If you are both left foot forward, then it’s best to move to the right. Suppose you are on a battlefield and they are shooting mortars at you and they are missing, but closing in. Are you going to stand still? You want to get over there! Never turn your back on your opponent, even in the ring . Never drop your front hand unless you move back to a defensive distance. On the street don't go with more than two or three punches. Use foot stomps, etc . On the street never kick above the belt. Maximize what you have. No matter what your profession do the best.