Innermost secrets of the Martial Arts.

'Body language is the language of the heart. The body cannot hide the feeling of your heart'. 'When you receive information for the first time it ne new. The consciousness decides relativity. That is why westerners students question their instructors. In the east they accept'. 'One of the best ways of winning a fight is to get your opponent to talk. That puts him in a conscious frame of mind and that is no good for fighting'. 'You must stay loose when you fight. If you hit a stick it breaks. The vibration goes all the way through it, but if you hit a towel the portion where you hit absorbs the force'. 'The left hook is considered the best blow (form a south paw) because the opponent doesn't see it coming. So you are not ready for it - you drop'. There was a man called Ukibe who had a noodle shop opposite an abandoned shrine. He was devout, so every day he used to clean it. One day a travelling monk passed by... Ukibe pretends to be a deaf monk: Monk - How far has your heart extended? Ukibe - My noodle shop is big. Monk – Have you reached the Ten Levels? Ukibe - 500 yen. (He has mastered the 5 precepts). Monk - Have you met the three Buddhas? Ukibe - Thinks he is trying to knock down the price. sticks out his tongue. Monk runs away thinking he has met the greatest Master. They speak different body language. The monk is talking about the Enlightenment Ukibe is talking about his noodle shop. O Sensei Kim