Jundokan Dojo. August 1991. Generoso Montero, Nathan Ray, Miyazato Ei’Ichi, Takayoshi Álvarez The fact why many teachers remain as "fighting windmills" to appear and leaders of Goju ryu Karate-do, is because almost the entire student body does not go in search of the historical truths that gave life to karate-do in general, and particularly their budo26 style. As an example of that we must search for knowledge about the crude history of Goju ryu allowing us to abbreviate the following story taken from27 the All Goju Ryu Network and originally wrote by Yagi Meitoku sensei: “The founder of Naha-te, Higashionna Kanryo, had many students who became teachers themselves such as Kyoda Juhatsu, Shiroma Shimpan and Miyagi Chojun. Kyoda Juhatsu traveled to the Japanese mainland and opened a dojo, while Miyagi Chojun strove to promote Naha-te on Okinawa. Higahionna Kanryo lived a simple and poor life and after his wife passed away Miyagi sensei brought Higashionna sensei to his home and cared for him in his later years like a son. When Higashionna sensei passed away, Miyagi sensei, while preserving the traditional kata, developed new kata and in due time named his art 'Goju-ryu' after the phrase 'goju tonto' or '[All is] breathing hard and soft'. Thus through Miyagi Chojun's fervent desire in his Goju-ryu Karate came to be known. It is through these stories that I fondly remember both teachers.
After Miyagi sensei passed away, I went to Oita Prefecture accompanied by Mr. Toguchi to visit Kyoda Juhatsu sensei who was one year older than Miyagi Chojun. I had heard from Miyagi sensei that while he was away serving in the army, that Kyoda sensei had learned the kata Sanseru. With this in mind we asked Kyoda sensei to correct our Sanseru kata and after we performed it for him, Kyoda replied that it was not wrong. Kyoda sensei had instructed Iraha Choko and was now instructing his son (Kyoda's third son, Kyoda Juko). We talked about many different things including the passing of Miyagi sensei and that I had become the representative of Goju-ryu.¡¡ However since Miyagi Chojun's passing, only Kyoda sensei remained as the most senior student of Higashionna Kanryo and therefore I asked Kyoda sensei to be the Chairman of the Goju-ryu association for its future development and progress.¡¡ Kyoda sensei responded by saying, "You did not consult me about Higashionna sensei's kata.¡¡ I do not think that the name 'Goju-ryu' is particularly appropriate and also I am not a disciple of Miyagi Chojun's".¡¡ After a while Kyoda sensei replied, "Even if after consulting with each other I doubt you would consider changing the name 'Goju-ryu', however if you agree to adding 'Tou'on" in front of it to "Tou'on Goju-ryu" in order to preserve the name of Higashionna sensei, I would consider your request." When I returned to Okinawa I consulted the board of directors who weighed the possibility of changing the name Goju-ryu, however “Tou’on Goju-ryu” never came to light.” We are in front of cold and logical historical truths! All budoka through and through, after “digesting” what you read, has the mission to convey their findings to all students, peers, friends, family, etc., Inside and outside the field of martial arts. Do it! No matter how many "modern budo" political organizations try to do to quell the situation in most of these organizations and their affiliated schools, especially those of Karate-do.28 Decide each if the actions of the ''master'' of his style are according or not, with the philosophy that must remain the foundation of the practice of budo. Finally, and to support our particular position, we leave you with this Today there are Karatedo organizations that are actually synonyms of "money, fame and power", not necessarily actual technical ability and honesty of its alleged leaders and teachers.
Biblical quote from the book of John, chapter 8, verse 32: "...and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"
Will of Soke Sakamoto Tameyoshi. Sakamoto Sensei hand writing. Wishing Happy New Year to the author. Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan. 1991
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