February 2015 - The year of integration - as you set your New Year's resolutions or goals, I suggest you add one that will help all others. You will never find the best if you are always looking for or noticing the worst in others or yourself. One of the weaknesses of our age is the apparent inability to distinguish between our needs and our goals. If you felt like you were falling apart last year, look at this year as an opportunity to put yourself back together the way you want; ask yourself each day what is best for me to make me my best. This may mean to rest more, eat better, train harder; the point is when you do these things is as important as doing them. You do not want to do high impact tasks when you are at a low ebb. To get where you want to go you can't only do what you want. Deep experience is not always peaceful, don't ask for a lighter load, ask for broader shoulders. Nothing beautiful in nature is perfect, especially humans, so do not wait for things to line up perfectly in your world to get on with the tasks at hand. Start each day by lining yourself up first on the inside by again asking what will serve you best today and proceed from there. I guarantee if you use this strategy for 33 days you will have more energy, more inner peace, and a better perspective on life and how you interface through reality. It is your reality so you set the tone of how you proceed. Just check with yourself first before anyone else.