The Year of Illumination - so deemed by the collective unconscious of mankind. Before there was a internet, there was an inner-net where all mind is connected and continually communicating. Each year the collective decides what the focus shall be given the circumstances of what is happening on earth and what the potentials might be. The big shell of deception will be cracked this year big time in areas of finance, politics, health, technology, etc; no aspect of our reality will be missed. When the event happens many will get upset as to what's been held back and many will get scared as to what's been going on behind the scenes. Regardless of the revelations, as a martial artist remember the greatest illuminations will be of the self and what power the mind really has and who we really are, so look to be excited by the insights that will come forward. In budo, courage is being aware of everything then going beyond. The value of training budo is to train the mind to see clearly what is and maintain the spirit. Good stances are the expression of a resilient heart that firmly harmonizes you with all changes. Being natural is the ultimate secret of the arts. Budo is the study of ways to finish. 2016 is a 9, which is a completion concept and what is finishing this year is the old dark energy concepts that have attempted to control the collective for their own benefit. To counter this as an individual is simply to illuminate the self and your path with your own inner light and when others do the same magic happens. Shine your light in those dark places no matter how dense the truth may be; it is better to like the good than hate the bad. You never want to stop in the middle of a technique and it's up to you to bring that technique to life. So no matter what you learn this year about the reality, just remember the changes will be for the collective's benefit and it's the mind that determines what is possible and the heart that surpasses it. Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others; train hard because no matter how much you train it's never enough.