What an appropriate theme this was for this time. Astrologically Mercury Retrograde begins on the 19th, the Solar Eclipse on the 20th, also the night of the equinox, and the 21st is the new moon.  Woww! For me personally this is definitely a time for new beginnings. After being in Peru for the last five months, 2 of which was unintentional, we left our temporary cabin on Thursday morning to go to our plane scheduled to leave on Friday, from a military airport in Lima. Our road trip took around 24 hours with a car through the windy roads of the Andes mountain range of Peru across the country, then followed by 8.5 hour plane ride to Toronto, and finally 3hr drive to Bancroft, where we luckily left a tent set-up with sleeping bags in it. Around 2am Saturday morning we found ourselves sleeping at our land feeling exhausted but at home. All was worth to come back and start building our new life. What are some of the new beginnings in your life this month? I know there has been some internally and/or externally. This amazing year started with a big set back for all humanity, which for some turned out to be a blessing. I feel this last 2 months has been an incubation period for great things to come. During this week’s sessions we welcomed new beginnings by discovering our inner advisor with a hypnosis session guided by Shannon M.Pole, practiced twists and hip openers in yoga to detoxify and release all negativity that gets trapped in our bodies guided my me, Ece Savas, and finally explored blocks and resistances towards change in our discussion with Cheryl Lewin. On behalf of the whole Neighbourhood Wellness Group I’d like to thank you for all who participated to our virtual program this week. If you haven’t yet registered please go to the link bellow and register for next month’s session now. We’d love to see you and support you on your journey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSezvAQvoza7mDaYIeya9lgCCTjhu2i_s2FM_j-GAVqPJMuw-w/viewform?usp=sf_link Monthly Virtual Wellness Program, is pay-what-you-can! Each month we will meet during the 3rd week of the month on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, with each session focused on the monthly theme. With love, Ece Savas