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This week we addressed self love and healing modalities. And I had the privilege to guiding a deeply relaxing 30min restorative yoga practice from the rustic cabin I’m stuck in Cusco, Peru. These selective poses are the ones I personally love and practice the most. I hope that you find them helpful and find time for them in your personal self-care routine. You can practice all four poses in this order or individually. You can hold each pose for up to 20 mins depending on your time. Please make sure you’re not feeling a strain, pressure or tension anywhere in your body. This practice should feel comfortable and pleasing at all times so that you can completely surrender and relax into each pose.
Remember that your body is intelligent and capable of healing itself, if you allow it to. 


1st: Our heads and shoulders were elevated around 30 degrees from the ground (you can go a bit higher than the photo). Our knees are supported off the floor with rolled blankets so that our hips can relax. Arms can relax on your side or you can place them on your belly.
This position supports digestion and functioning of our organs. 
2nd: Legs elevated on a chair or on a wall. Hips are elevated with folded blankets or pillows. You can adjust the hight as it feels right to your body.
This gentle inversion is great for resting after a long day of work. It is best to be practiced on an empty stomach.  
3rd: Chest elevated by folded blanket under the chest just under the shoulder blades. This position allows the shoulders to relax and chest to open. Legs can be straight or in a butterfly position supported with pillows under your knees. Arms can relax over the head or you can place them on your belly.
This gentle back bend will help you breath in to your lungs, activate the thymus gland and boost your immune system. 
4th: Always end your practice with savasana to get everything back to balance before getting back to your normal day.
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I’m looking forward to supporting you.
Ece Savas
yoga teacher and second degree black belt