Love yourself. It's a common refrain.

But what does that actually mean? One way to interpret this is loving who we are, accepting ourselves just as we are, warts and all; having compassion for our shortfalls, while rejoicing in our gifts. Loving ourselves in this way relieves us of much self-judgment and self-criticism. However, there is an even deeper way that we can love ourselves. We can take that feeling of love, which dwells in our hearts, the feeling that we often connect with when we first fall head over heels in love with someone else, and allow it to flow towards ourselves. When we do this we are not just loving our physical selves, with all our various qualities, we are simply experiencing love for our self. Cultivating such feelings of self-love brings deep ease and relief and raises our vibration more than we could ever imagine. Beneath this physical, emotional, energetic individual self- is a place where we stand as one. Where all our selves come together where we become much more than the sum of all our parts. It is almost impossible to name this place as any one label will separate it from all else. Some call it the true self, the unconditioned self, the universal self, no-self, essence, pure being, or true nature. It is that which is always there whatever our experience. It is the essence of what we call "I", something so familiar and personal, and yet on deeper inspection totally impersonal. This Self exists without any qualities or character. It is the pure am-ness that we know when the thinking mind becomes still, and we rest in primordial awareness. It is pure unconditional love. The taste of this essential self is delicious. Mystics have written volumes of poetry about its blissful nature. Enlightened ones have urged us to discover it, and to soak in the calm and joy it brings. Getting to know this true self is so important and delightful it is who we really are and is the love we so desperately seek. When we find stillness, be in nature, listen to its voice it l shows us the way. But remember that It, the voice, the wisdom that we hear is all us. We must not give our power away to others, human or etheric. It is us, always us reaching out and bringing in what is needed from alternate versions of ourselves. From different time lines, different times, different now moments. When we can hold on to this knowing that it is all us, that we are what we seek, we can then see ourselves in a different light. Not the small humans looking for approval being less than and feeling unworthy of love. But magnificent beings playing in a realm of separation but remembering who we truly are and realising once again that we are not only deserving of love, but that we are LOVE. Love is who we are, love is who and what we have always been, and what we will always BE regardless of where we try to hide or what disguise we put on. We are the light. We are Love Welcome to A New Way of Living