Take some time to examine these areas of your life.

Some you will find of greater or lesser importance, that is fine.

1. Areas I’ve started to clean up and have not completed.

2. Things I want to have for my home or room that I don’t have now. 3. Things I want to throw away and haven’t. 4. Things I want to buy and haven’t. 5. Things I want to have and have put off getting. 6. Things I haven’t competed and am working on. 7. Things I want to start and haven’t started. 8. Things I want to change and am not changing. 9. Things I want to stop doing and am not stopping. 10. Things I want to be and haven’t yet been. 11. Things I want to do and have never done. 12. Things I’ve wanted and have never had. 13. Things I want to experience and haven’t experienced. 14. Things I want to say and haven’t said. 15. Anger I’ve had and haven’t resolved into compassion. 16. My wildest fantasies are… 17. What I know about myself no one else knows. 18. Forgiveness list.      Who did it? What did they do? How do I resolve it? 19. To be forgiven list.    Whom I did it to, what did I do? How do I resolve it?  Whom did I conceal it from? 20. Wines. 21. Movies/Theatre/concerts. 22. Trips. 23. Weekends. 3 day 24. Things I want to sell.