Did you freak a bit with Monday's snow? I know I had thoughts of "I'm not ready for this" when i woke up and saw the neighborhood covered in snow.
Luckily it was our first warning, and we have many more weekends of snow-free weather to enjoy - let's enjoy one afternoon together, outside!
A few weeks ago Mudasha Chuck showed me a few trails near the dojo - it was an brilliant simple walk to the Evergreen Brickworks and back again!
Who'd like to join us Sunday November 15th? It's 1.5 - 2 hours of walking on mostly flat ground. Meeting at 1pm the park just down the street from the dojo on Avoca Ave - of adult karate do warm-up fame - we'll head to the Evergreen Brickworks along nature trails. Bathrooms should be available at the Brickworks and we can search for turtles and/or do a forest bathing activity before heading back to the dojo area.
Masks and Social distancing will be happening & only a thunderstorm will cancel the hike.
Email Shannon at s.m.pole@gmail.com to confirm you're joining ( and to be notified of any potential changes due to weather) - partners / children / pets all welcome!
To Your Bloomabilities, Shannon Pole