CrossFit and endless neon-tinted, EDM-soundtracked fitness classes have made “rest” a four-letter word in the fitness industry, but constant movement for the sake of it could actually be hindering your gains, not helping them. “For most people – especially beginners – periods of recovery between sets or intervals allows for higher-intensity, better-quality movement, lower risk of injury and a greater training stimulus that is likely to lead to superior results,” says the performance and wellbeing coach George Anderson.Or, in other words: if you push yourself for an hour straight, you’ll be forced to lift lower weights, go slower and generally put in less work than you might with some strategic downtime. And the optimum varies – for fat loss, anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds between sets is ideal, but for strength you might spend five minutes preparing for ultra-intense efforts. By Joel Snape Taken from the Guardian