As we get closer and closer to 2020 and we enter into this new energy we are learning to trust again. We are learning to trust that life is safe, that we can share our hearts without repercussions. So many of us have worked diligently and have cleared the blockages that have prevented us from attracting the realities that we have dreamed of. These realities are the vibrational match to our soul’s truth and we are now able to access this new energy.
We are not quite out of the woods as yet, as often we find ourselves still reacting in our old habitual ways, but even as we react as our old selves we are also finding that those old reactions are empty, hollow, in some cases laughable, as these new frequencies no longer supports that energy. As we see ourselves reacting to the new with old impulses, we are slowly coming to understand that there is no longer any need for that Armor. To realise that we are indeed supported and that we are worthy of love and are loved. We have done the work to transcend, to neutralize, to move beyond the lower mind and to clear the body of what was holding us back. We can now let go of our many memories of doom, of victimhood, of guilt and unworthiness. We are now free to trust in our own resonance. To trust in our own power of creation. To trust in the mirror of life itself, as finally we liberate our true selves and see that new reality reflected back to us in our everyday lives. In our hearts we can feel that it is safe now to drop all historical patterns and to let our higher beings through, even as our minds pretend to believe otherwise. It is time to discover new things about ourselves and start remembering what we once knew. Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams