When the world starting shutting down, your Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic listened to the challenges you were having and created a Free Seven Week Program, supporting our community during the initial onslaught of self-isolation. And, we loved it!!! We had so much fun, we have re-jigged and created a Monthly Virtual Wellness Program, that is pay-what-you-can! Each month we will meet during the 3rd week of the month on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, with each session focused on the monthly theme. June is all about New Beginnings! Tuesday's are Guided Hypnotherapy with Shannon If your thoughts are matching the crazy out in the world right now, join us for a guided hypnotherapy session to re-find your calm and stay on your centre as we navigate these changing times. You’re already in trance 95% of your day, and with hypnotherapy you can ensure it’s a helpful, safe, wonderful trance.   Wednesday's are Yoga with Ece Get your bodies moving and stretching. Yoga helps reducing stress, build lean muscle and release old stagnant energies in your body. With a mindful intention this short yoga session will bring your body, mind and sprit into balance.   Thursday's are Group Dialogue's with Cheryl You’ve cleared your thoughts and stretched your bodies, now join in a group dialogue to dig deeper into this weeks theme. This facilitated conversation creates a space to engage in each week’s topic, learn from other participants and share you experience.   Join our practitioners on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon for 40-minutes. To register, check the session you want to attend and then e-transfer the host practitioner your pay-what-you-can amount (Suggested Donation $18 per session) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSezvAQvoza7mDaYIeya9lgCCTjhu2i_s2FM_j-GAVqPJMuw-w/viewform?usp=sf_link