Shannon M. Pole Solutions – Healing Fractured Systems to Wholeness

As an engineering graduate (and worker bee for 5+ years), Shannon now serves the profession as the Head of an International Training Institute of NLP & Hypnosis, translating personal and professional development tools into the language of STEM* – bridging the gap between transformation and tech. Beyond her corporate, in-school and give-forward work in engineering, Shannon’s work with individuals focuses on how you are a system unto yourself and through healing your own fractures you heal the world around you. Common fractures waiting to heal are:
  • Frustration with Low grades / Poor Study Habits
  • Confusion Choosing a Career Path
  • Annoyed by team projects or group work
  • Feeling ignored or looked over by colleagues and superiors
  • Restless or little sleep
  • Ongoing Stress and anxiety
Book your complimentary 15-min Get Acquainted callwith Shannon now to see if you qualify for her programs. You can see me at the Neighbourhood Wellness Clinic at Renge Dojo on: Monday 9am - 5pm Wednesday 9am - 4pm Thursday 9am - 1pm Friday 9am - 1pm Phone: 647-849-6311 Email: Website: