Hello all,
How are you doing?
I have instructions from Sensei to help you improve your stretching; so that, you can kick to the head in 6 weeks. I want you to know this is absolutely possible if you put your mind to it. Here are some fun and lightly informative videos to help you wrap your mind around it.
This program will help you improve in the next 9 weeks.  
Here is your stretching routine for 20 min everyday for 6 weeks. Do this after your karate class or your leg workout. Make sure to give yourself a rest-day for recovery twice a week.
Here is your Routine: 
To Warm Up
Swing each leg forward and back 20 times, side to side 20 times.
Sit in Centre Splits for 10 minutes
For this stretch Prepare some props - pillows and blankets, blocks to support your your stretch. Tilt your hips back a little bit to open up the legs.
Side Splits for 5 minutes each side
Make sure you keep your back knee rolled under and supported on a cushion. Also for all of these use yoga blocks - books under your hands to help you hold.
Tips for success: 
1. Write down your WHY! why do you want to achieve this goal and put it on your mirror or use an image to help you visualize yourself kicking to the head or sitting in splits. (Mind over matter)
2. Use resisting technique few times at the beginning of your stretch - by activating the muscles for 60 seconds then relaxing them further.
3. Use affirmations  "I am strong and flexible - I move with ease" or say a prayer during long holds. This will help you keep your heart and mind in the right frequency during pain.
4. Observe your negative mind and emotions; which excuses does your mind present to you to stop the pain? In 10 minutes your mind will present very convincing reasons with intense emotions to make you stop. Work on letting go or reframing of the thoughts and emotions that raise up. Be curious, grateful and kind towards yourself; and STAY WITH THE POSE.
I am cheering for you!
Kohi Savas