This is the question you should ask yourself in this time as 2020 begins, bringing us the strongest and highest energy levels to date.
These new levels of light, awareness and manifestation will also bring with them a new way of living. A brighter, easier way that flows with love and abundance. A way of living that gives us new choices.
We do however have to be ready for it, to allow it, we must stop fighting the old and learn to accept the new with open hearts. It is our job at this time to raise our energy any way that we can, to align with these ever increasing and accelerating frequencies. To try as best we can to keep up and not let ourselves be overrun by them.
It is now time to start to imagine a new way of living, of being. To dream without fear, to see ourselves in all of our glory, however that may look. To know deep down in our hearts that our time has come, and to start to live it in every moment of every day. Maybe not in the material world quite as yet but we can in our hearts and in our minds. We can be that person, feel that person, think like that person and start to act like that person.
As we transition into the new year we can feel that these energies have already begun to shift our awareness. The awareness of Source-as-Self is a very real and palpable experience for many. It forces us to release unworthiness, judgments and our old habits of the past.
We are creating something brand new, and it is now time to prepare and fine-tune ourselves to receive this opportunity with as much ease and grace as possible.
Venturing into this new state of awareness is fully supported by the universe at this time. Be brave, dream big, align yourself with your highest heart felt intuitions and
Welcome to A New Way of Living! by Algernon Williams