We really do not know ANYTHING, and this should please us. We don’t know anything about this moment because we have never been in it before. We are brand-new to this present moment.
Spiritual growth is all about transformation and expansion. As we move along our spiritual journey, we move into brand-new territory, territory we truly don’t and really can’t know anything about. We all have the opportunity here to say, “I’m ready to experience a new way of living, and in order to do so I have to acknowledge I don’t know a thing about living in this new expanded way.” Because we don’t. We absolutely do not know a thing about living an expanded life. This is new for all of us on planet earth, hence the term New Earth. We know only what we have been able to experience to this point on the old earth, with a few fleeting glimpses of something new on the horizon. There is so much more available to us when we surrender the limitations of thinking that we know what is possible. When we allow ourselves to experience and learn anew from new knowledge with insight from our higher selves in that moment. When we can stand in any situation and say, “I don’t know anything about what’s going on. I don’t have an opinion about it. I don’t have a judgment about it. I don’t have any prior insight about it other than the insight I open up to right now.” This allows for new, unexpected and even miraculous things to fall into place. That being said, we never walk into a situation like a new born babe fresh out of the womb without any knowledge of the world around us. We come into any now moment with a collection of our past and future experiences and ideas. The danger we then face even if we can remember to bring our “I don’t know” with us, is that we follow it up with “but I have to look for an answer.” Which we habitually pull from our experiences of our past or our desires for our future. If the past and future show up, we must try to return to “I don’t know anything.” Not allowing our habit of leaving the present moment to look for answers run the show. We can let go of preconceived notions. Let go of future projections. Allow in the expansiveness that we have never ever experienced before. This is the great stuff, the world of wonderment. Remember that there’s a lot of fascination in every moment, especially when we don’t decide we know what’s going on, it’s actually a relief not to have to know what is going on all the time. It’s exciting looking, expecting, waiting to see what miracles shows up. And as we play the game with open expectant unknowing hearts, miracles do appear. Welcome to a new way of living