Stop – if you were about to dismiss this post, I challenge you to take a chance. If you saw Hypnosis and were excited, awesome! Like many modalities today, hypnosis has been mis-construed by Hollywood, such that many are initially wary… I know I was. For that story, check out my blog. For now, the truth of the matter is that hypnosis is about focus… and following suggestions. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, because you choose to follow the suggestions or not. Which is something you do naturally all day, every day – learning hypnosis is about learning to become aware of what you’re already doing… and be able to act with intention, to remove the wool that has been covering your eyes. A few examples – When you’re driving a car, you choose to follow the instructions to stay on you side of the yellow line. Walking down the street, you choose to follow the suggestions to wait when the light is red, and cross the street when it turns green. One of the pervasive sets of suggestions in our society is that at 18 we decide our path for the rest of our life. And this is one set of suggestions I’m on a mission to wake people up from. Because there are so many more opportunities to course correct in our lives. Its just one decision at 18… a decision we are allowed & ought to be encouraged to re-evaluate if still valued as we learn, grow and have experiences. At 5, I wanted to be a grocery bagger… at 13 I decided to be a lifeguard instead, and worked in aquatics for a decade – I never worked in a grocery store, by the time I reached the decision point for my first job choice, I had had more experience and had more skills. And I went on to have a wide-variety of part-time jobs along the way to now. So, it’s about choosing to accept or reject the suggestions of others… do they serve you? Do they move you closer to your goals? And what about the things we tell ourselves, the inner nattering voice that seeks to push us off our path? Join our next dojo event to explore your power of choice, and discover what has been hidden, until now. Exploring For More, Discovering What’s Hidden Feb 2, Mar 1, May 3 $27 / Individual; $33 / Parent and Daughter* Deal Register here: Access Dojo Pricing with Promo Code: CMAC *Daughter refers to a child age 16 – 25 attending with their parent/guardian