Renshi Williams (5th Dan) of Mokurai Dojo in New Zealand currently has an Indie Gogo campaign to help launch his new e-magazine "Happy." Here's a word from Renshi Williams and his co-founder Anne Prichard: It is our belief that this monthly E-magazine will help many people around the world find comfort, joy and some happiness. We believe happiness is a choice that we make moment by moment, it is how we choose to look at what is all around us. This mind set can be cultivated, we intend to provide insights, tips, ideas and tools to help our readers find and live a happier life. For more information and to donate please visit their Indie Gogo campaign. The Happy e-magazine will feature: - A monthly messages from Al - A monthly messages from Anne - Articles from other noted professionals - Videos - Audios - Inspirational quotes and poems - Ask Anne Column - Thought provoking quizzes - Tips,tools and simple attitude adjustments for a happier life - Book of the month - Healing Immersion a monthly meditation (which was previously selling for $13.00 monthly) All for $9.99 / monthly Please visit their Indie Gogo campaign today to donate.