To really lean how to swim you have to get in the water; a simple concept but profoundly true. When parents ask how their children are doing in class we give the assessment but I add the idea that if you really want to know, come in and do some training. We live in an entertainment society where people sit on the sidelines and judge but really do not know the reality of the activity they are observing; id: to know and not to do is to not know, Lau Tsu. To experience first hand what the students' experience in a class is can really enlighten one's perspective and gain understanding of the process. However, the excuses come up that one doesn't have time or is just too busy, but I would say that if your so busy doing whatever and do not have time, then you are not doing whatever you are doing correctly. The illusion with many is that if you work harder and faster things will get better and this is not the case. Circumstances do not matter - state of being matters. Regain control of your reality and set aside time for yourself, even with just one class a week, then you can practice a litte everyday on your own time. Remember the ancient wisdom that you can buy a house but not a home, a clock but not time, a bed but not sleep, a book but not knowledge, a position but not respect, drugs but not life, a doctor but not health. Find the balance between business, family and self. Doing what excites you and what is good for you is the driving engine and organizing principle of life. Support your reality and reality will mirror and reflect that support. ~ Hanshi Platt