You cannot build a positive life with a negative attitude and if you allow all the negative externals especially negative toxic people to influence your thinking and how you feel then yes things will end up negative. There is so much to feel good about and be grateful for if one just turns the dial of perception. and realize how blessed we really are. This is a matter of choice. The energy dynamic this year will polarize behaviour one way or the other in people so it is really important to remember each and every day what’s getting in your mind. Stay away from negative toxic people who drain your energy, Be careful what music you listen to and books you read, movies you watch etc. Keep the content positive especially with young people. Look to associate with positive health and goal-oriented people who will assist you and support you becoming the best you, possible. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself, strive to raise your inner frequency/vibration to harmonize all levels of the self, seek the silence daily and build your inner calm by meditating, training in whatever way resonates with you. Staying strong and calm will serve you well this year. Everyday review the positive happenings and what to be grateful for and you will rest easier. Plan an adventure somewhere and take the challenge. 2020 is all about clarity in your vision both forward and back, how you want to live is a matter of choice and with this year’s energy wave you will have the wind at your back if choose the positive! Don’t make it hard, Make it happen! Hanshi Platt