Here is a note from Hanshi Platt for September: Time to get back to basics and keep things simple... especially for children. There is such a confluence of events and energies taking place at this time that it would be easy to get caught up in it all. The operative word here is patience, again especially with the children as they resolve their new routines within a new school year. This approach really applies to everyone as the changes taking place in all areas of life can be overwhelming. The purpose of training for adults or children is to ground or centre oneself for the task at hand; it does not matter is the challenge is work-related, school, or just the day-to-day tasks that require a sense of discipline and strategy, not to mention the energy to complete. These skills, like good habits, are hard to get but easy to live with, whereas a bad habit is easy to get but hard to live with. That's why consistency in training is very important. Developing a student into a finely-tuned, focused individual with the capacity for strategy and self-discipline is the goal of training. Like the trunk of a tree that is stable when the branches and leaves get blown around, an individual can stay rooted in the challenge if a little adversity surfaces. The world is changing and the energy with it, especially this fall, so again, keep things simple and straightforward and be patient with yourself and the young minds as they/you resolve it, because underlying it all is something very positive. More on this next month.