The way is the in training - a concept used in martial arts for a very long time and a very good reason. The DOJO or WAY TEMPLE is a serious place of study where real life skills are learned for real life decisions and self defence situations that have real consequences so you do not want to have your training partner thinking about dinner or anything else while working on techniques. Total focus is vital so everyone must clear the mind from the stress and troubles of the day, that's why I teach PRANA not DRAMA. No one wants to hear the drama of others when they have their own to deal with. Students come to the dojo for a break from the stress of the day to clear the mind and go back into the battles with a new outlook and new strategies along with some new energy. It's a curious human deficiency that many are more comfortable with a known misery than an unknown positive breakthrough, but through the training one can overcome the fear and develop the skills to make things happen. I remind everyone again when you come into the dojo to train, leave the drama outside, which includes the work, sports, family and friend, relationship issues so that everyone can elevate their vibration and change their perceptual frequencies to increase the skill level. As Einstein once said you cannot solve the problem on the same vibrational level it was created. This is one of the key differences between a dojo and a fitness club process in that there is a less social focus while training, along with more consideration, courtesy, and respect for others intent to progress in the art.