This year's energy is not unlike a wave that can carry you or bury you depending on how you work with it. The key to using it in your favour is to be in a state of balance. This is achieved by living in the moment; ie, all aspects of your being are focused on now. You want to be co-fused, mentally, emotionally, and physically; not confused or overwhelmed. Many changes are taking place in this world this year, but none more important than what's changing inside yourself right down to the quantum DNA level. Do not look for the opposition in opposites or the logic in situations; revert to your intuition for solutions as this is how you master the power of the moment. Worry does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace. You heal the past by living fully in the present, and again balance is only found in the present moment. Focus on what gets you excited, doing a project or activity as it is the organizing principle of life and the driving engine of your reality. This year's vernal equinox opened a gateway of energy that everyone can really ride; just imagine that you are at the station and all you have to do is get on. This train carries a higher frequency which will enhance the connection with your higher mind. This is where things get really interesting. More on this in the next newsletter.