Hanshi Platt - CMAC Sensei Wallace Platt, 10th Dan, Hanshi CMAC Founder and Head InstructorThe purpose of Budo is ultimately to enhance one's reality.

From learning the basic skills of self defence to eliminate fear of life itself, to learning how to express the true self as a finely tuned focused individual with a capacity for forming strategy and a character of self discipline, consciously aware of what is happening both in and outside of the self. This is a 'WAY or 'PATH' that one can build a firm foundation upon, as one walks through the minefield of life. Many make the mistake of looking at the Martial Arts as, just another thing to do, but we look at it as the way to do all things. Especially for the parents, when you consider a martial arts program for your child. do so from the perspective that the training will assist all aspects of your child's life, not just self defence skill. The value and impact of self discipline, self confidence, self esteem affects all areas of life. The world does not wait for people to find themselves, so building in success attributes now, will serve anyone young or old, their entire life. See the Martial Arts as a platform, from which to stage the self in any endeavour, or to face any challenge. Take care to build a foundation that will stand the test of timed it, in turn, will take care of you. This is what the 'Classical' concept means in CMAC.

Sensei Platt Hanshi