"Calmness is the root of power"  The goal of zen in the training is to develop a sense of inner peace and be able to stand on that calmness even when the enemy faces you. Through meditation and training the mind settles, in order to bring focus in the moment where inner peace really starts. This is assisted by calming the breathing allowing an inner innate wisdom to emerge. What is behind the eyes is more important than what's in front of them. Intellect does not know its full force unless it attacks an external power. It’s  important to stop giving external people and/or circumstances power over how you feel or think especially when it can create fear or paranoia. Your real power is in how you decide to deal with things and how you take action. Mastering others is strength; Mastering oneself is power.  Nothing is as good or bad as it seems. Choose your words wisely as they can be powerful building blocks or destructive battering rams. No one has the power to make things perfect but everyone has the power to make things right. The coronavirus scare is a good example where the fear is the real enemy, not the virus itself. With intelligent decisions regarding nutrition to bolster the immune system and having strong natural anti-viral agents on hand like oregano oil, tea tree oil, colloidal silver, elderberry, echinacea, garlic, etc (to name a few), along with wisdom to use common sense to protect you and your family from exposure. Keep calm and carry on, with wisdom and power! " Hanshi Platt