The little victory as they describe it in zen is when one achieves a calm mindfulness while trining in the temple away from the noise of the world. The big victory is where you maintain that same state while out in the noise and chaos of the world. This is not an easy task and takes regular training in centering oneself to not get caught-up in the negative vibe and certainly not bring it into the home which is the family’s temple in a way. You do not want to become the beast you’re defending against. The beast may be fear, anxiety, doubt, etc. This is where the dojo process can really help ie: bring the life stress energy to class, master it, and turn it into a positive by using the tested methods in budo. If that energy is brought into the class, especially with the younger students, they learn how to deal with the agitated, out of control energy they may face in the outside world from an actual agrgressive individual. A self defence situation can be an emotional experience and the training will help one come out of it with a positive one. Dealing with the disruptive, aggressive energy in someone else and not absorbing their negative vibe in the process is an important part of the training and in life. Anger is one letter short of danger and staying calm in a moment of anger can save one hundred days of sorrow as they said in the ancient time. When classes have disruptors who come into the dojo really agitated it’s actually a good thing in that other learn how to deal with that energy and those with that energy can regain control and move in the right direction to make the little victories in the dojo become a big victory in life. Hanshi Platt