Serenity in seclusion - this is one of the core concepts in zen that directs the practitioner to mediate each day in a place without distraction to quiet the mind. Stress and anxiety are root causes of sickness in our society especially more and more in young people. Every week I hear the concerts of parents relating to anxiety in their children and I suggest the following ways to assist in solving the problem.  Obviously good diets and sleep habits are vital for everyone but being aware of frequencies around children are very important. Turning off the modems at night in the house will assist sleep. Children waking up in a sea of WiFi frequencies and then going to school in another is just not a good environment to grow and learn in. The background noise from traffic etc is also contributing to the disruption of natural frequencies. People who live in urban areas now have background noise of 60 decibels or more. Again not healthy for the body. I had to tell a grandmother in the lobby to take an iPhone out of a 4 year old’s hands as she did not realize how powerful the device is. I think everyone would agree Christmas in a large part is about peace on earth and this starts in the home and self. I tell the children in the classes to give their parents some peace each day as a way to say thank you for all they do and parents you can assist by getting the children peaceful things like books, board games and/or creative art kits for Christmas or Hanukkah to keep them occupied and off the devices along with the bad frequencies. This will contribute to a truly silent night and calm day.  Simplicity will always solve the stress of complexity so I recommend slowing down this holiday season, keep things simple and allow for quiet time without distraction; light a candle or fireplace and just be the peace on earth you seek. Hanshi Platt