I think everyone would agree that you do not eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in the bathroom and you do not sleep at night in the kitchen nor would you eat pizza, eat ice cream and drink beer at doctor or dentist’s office. There is a time and a place for these things. Also, generally the plumber does not cook the food nor does the chef fix the pipes. I cannot remember meeting a good chef that was also a good plumber but I am sure this person exists but I doubt a doctor or dentist could be a great pastry chef, this would not be morally or ethically right. But I guess you could say a good cardiologist or dentist also fixes the pipes ie: human plumbing. I had a student once say to me years ago that her doctor said she should do certain things to help her karate so I asked her how long has her doctor trained and the answer was never. The point being karate is a study of human behaviour and psychology along with learning the ways of strategy in fighting and defending oneself against all the ways one can be attacked. The technical skills are road tested and when trained correctly are extremely effective. We are not baking goodies in the dojo although there will be lots of heat to get the karate-do practitioner to rise in proficiency! We have learned this past month the truth about the state of violence in schools and about human trafficking in the streets (with Ontario being a hub for trafficking and Halton playing a major role). Please know that if I raise the heat in the dojo it’s for all the students’ safety in and out of the dojo. I have produced several hundred black belts over the years of all shapes, sizes and professions. Every one of those who have used their karate in real self defense situations always come back and thank me for training them hard. The concept is train hard and you will be hard to beat. Many parents understandably want to walk their children softly into reality but reality will not wait for them to find themselves; they need the skills now to deal with what life will throw at them. I have never seen a time over the years where there is so much aggression happening in the younger grades. Children need to be prepared now to deal with bullies. Dear parents the next time your child whines or complains the class was too hard just smile knowing inside it was for good reason and tell them to listen better and train harder also knowing they will be gaining greater skill in all areas of development. Hanshi Platt