An important concept in budo as a way of strategy is to know the opponent. Knowing as much about the attacker and what weapons are being used when and where etc. against you will assist in developing a strategy to counter. The greatest opponent everyone faces is the perceived stress one feels during th daily grind. This can affect one’s health and wellbeing on many levels. Many are surprised when I explain to them much of the stress they face is directed at them by design and that the business model of big government, big corporations is based on stress. They know that STRESS SELLS! That’s why you hear constantly propaganda about emergency this and tragedy that, and we are running out of time to solve it all so what are you going to do?! Well, what they do is hope you give up trying and just buy something. This ploy is backd up by many studies that show if you get compressed with too much stress you will go to your phone to escape from it all, look for an app, and make a purchase of pizza or pot or something to comfort. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba etc. have never done better. It’s becoming a lost art to simply go within and settle your mind (provided you still have one) when feeling stressed and regain perspective with your own spiritual power. All the answers are truly within if you meditae and/or pray on a daily basis. Just start with slowing the breath, find a quiet place, turn off all the toys, and use the tools of your mind. When you really understand the root causes of any problem and all that contributes to them, you gain a greater conscious awareness on how to solve them. Knowledge is power so get informed, use discernment, and be very practical in creating solutions. Simplcity in life will solve the complexity and relieve much of the stress that comes from it. Stop looking for an app and start applying yourself; Budo is a great way to assist. The Way is in Training! Hanshi Platt