Feed the brain – simulate the mind.

  Even back in the ancient times it was understood certain foods along with good rest, meditation, and exercise contributed to a strong mind and body. It does not matter, young or old, going to work and or school, lifestyle choices count. After 85,000 brain scans in 93 countries the science is in: what you eat along with what you train (martial arts or otherwise), especially when you are young, contributes to brain and mind performance, especially when you are older. Body chemistry, rest, and quiet time highly affects behaviour especially in children along with their learning ability. Parents, take the time to really limit trans fats, saturated fats, and processed sugars of all types during the school year as the effects on a young brain are like drugs in that they can be addictive and can cause damage. IN the karate class format to settle the mind, students all have a white uniform which represents a clear mind not cluttered by the noise of the day: then before the physical training starts the mind is settled and focused with meditation. Simplicity is the key in the midst of all the complexity. Quiet time in solitude each day can have a profound positive effect. Many are surprised to learn in karate that self defense training means more than protecting oneself from an attack from another person in that the ability to do that is rooted in one’s self-image. Especially for children’s self-esteem, self-image will highly impact academic performance so it is important that their self0talk and self-image is positive. Imagination is more important than knowledge so quiet time through meditation, music, and martial arts i.e. karate training, will nurture a creative mind and positive inner world which will contribute to a more harmonious outer world. Inner Yin balancing with outer Yang. The WAY is in TRAINING! Hanshi Platt