Comprehend the fundamental i.e.: embrace the spirit – roam the root of heaven and earth, wonder beyond the dust and the dirt; yes even in zen the need for spring cleaning was recognized not just in the temples but especially in the self. This time of year between the equinox and solstice is a great time to embrace the spirit of spring and clear out the dust and dirt of winter. Get out of your head space and get into some green space. Sages of ancient times would always send their spirit to the state of awareness beyond the intellect to look to the formless and listen to the soundless in the midst of darkness and noise ie: free the mind by unplugging and reconnect with nature. We just endured a harsh winter that kept you inside for the most part; make sure you take the time each day to stretch mentally and emotionally along with the physical exercise by getting outside to clear your mind and resonate with the power of nature. The aging process is not a natural process the way people think it is; consider the concept that people age because they stop giving their bodies instructions! Do not be like the person who set a goal to stop putting things off but would start tomorrow or like the person who was selling their old vacuum cleaner because it was just sitting around collecting dust; get up right now and start moving! Give your body the instructions it needs to get you where you want to go and how you want to feel. The science is in that shows thought-consciousness of humans affects water in a positive or negative way. Proper breathing connects you to the power of earth externally and the water in our cells is impacted by our thoughts internally. So spring into action and get back out into the spirit of nature. Much Stress can be released by living and breathing in the moment so make and take them daily. Hanshi Platt