One's attitude impacts and determines one's perception; therefore, you can see the snow as nature's wrath or nature's crystals. A concept to consider is that mankind's consciousness affects the weather patterns and cycles. When a student asks me where is the evidence of the world changing I say look at the weather when you see snow in Arizona or in Hawaii you know the winds of change are manifesting rooted in the changing consciousness of humans. Remember your thoughts create your reality and your emotions motivate it so with a clear intention. This year it is important to be clear on where you direct your attention. Your intention governs your attention, so make sure it comes from one's own creative thought. When you live in reaction you give your power away and then you have to experience to whom or what you gave it to. Best to conquer the stress of life by living in the moment and living in the breath of that moment. Outer order brings inner calm so start with the breathing, ie: slow it down and originate one's own positive creative thoughts alone during some quiet time. Sometimes you need to stand alone to know you still can, that's why there is kata and meditation in karate. Mankind has not made anything as resilient as the human spirit, so it's good to reduce things down to their spiritual level by using crystals, light and sounds / prayers and meditation to assist in raising your frequency and spacious awareness, then you will see the crystal in the snow storms of life, as energy enhancing. They say in zen: the water streams down the mountain thoughtless and the clouds return to high caves mindless; when we can match the clouds and the water iron trees will blossom and everywhere will be spring! Hanshi Platt