Instead of reacting to the weather, respond to it in a natural way.

  Many attempt to function in the snow and cold of winter like it’s summer and fall. Seasons exist for a reason and I suggest responding to nature’s nudge to slow and settle your pace in winter when dealing with the cold and snow. Much stress is developed when racing around like it’s summer, spring, or fall. Making sure you get enough rest and down time ie: quiet time, can really assist your health and over-all well-being. This is a great season to get into the daily habit of meditating to cultivate some tranquility and release from what’s stressing you and allow yourself to be natural. To be natural means not to force things and when you act natural you get what you need when you need it. This is a deep concept of abundance, but to know what is natural you to cultivate tranquility. In zen to penetrate into the depths of ones true self-nature and for attaining vitality, nothing can surpass meditation in the midst of activity. The true study of the WAY does not rely on knowledge or genius; it can be easily achieved if one simply cultivates a keen and sincere desire to seek the WAY. The energy and pace of winter is great for meditating so, if you do not already, make this winter the season you start to mediate. Remember we are all like the snow just different flakes so settle and fall into your natural state of being with tranquility, depth and skillful action. Hanshi Platt