There is an interesting debate going on in the fitness world between those who actually go to a club and work out with others in a social setting or in group classes and those who stay at home and ride a stationary bike or treadmill hooked up to the internet where they get direction from a video or live instructor on a screen. You can do some research and decide for yourself but the bottom line with health and fitness, studies have shown there must be mental stimulation along with physical exertion; formats of fitness that go over one hour and are redundant in nature, ie; the same 5k trek over and over, are not helpful as there needs to be a constant change in how the body is challenged in movement, stretching and resistance training etc.  In budo, the spiritual element is added to bolster the mind and body training to take back into daily living for energy efficiency and skill application when needed along with stress management. Where you stand when you are young is where you sit when you are old so best to get up this year and start moving some which way and if you need a little motivation remember there is nothing that will get you moving faster than a punch coming at your head! And since the first rule of blocking is you do not block with your head then the skill of self defence will show the alternative solution in a mentally stimulating physically challenging and spiritually cultivating format without gadgets or gimmicks only tools of skill, no toys.  Big breath in , here we go 2019, and breath out.  Happy New Year, wishing you a new year filled with tranquillity, depth and skillful action.   Hanshi Platt