As the old zen saying goes- Don't look down before the next step; Keep your eyes on the horizon to find the right path. Duty is a matter of mind, Commitment is a matter of effort. I give credit to all the parents for their efforts in getting their children to do all the things they do, but I see many forgetting about themselves in the process. I often say to parents when they tell me how busy they are that they are not a parent, but acting like an agent. The stress of the daily grind, not checked over time, will exact a price and it won't be cheap. Especially when it comes to your health. Remember your first duty is to keep yourself well, ie:proper rest habits, eating habits, training etc. can really make a difference to one's well being. Many are relying on you and that can be overwhelming at times. So I strongly recommend that you take the time for yourself and consider some Martial Arts training., It'a all about how to live , how to handle all that life throws at you and to stay in control. Hanshi Platt