Everyday counts - every moment matters.

This is the mantra I have outlined in the classes as a point of focus given the energy dynamic of reality over the next ninety days. Abrupt seasonal temperature change along with a powerful celestial alignment culminating in three eclipses all will impact how people feel and behave. We have seen recently already three tragic situations involving young children that should wake everyone up to be more diligent of their immediate surroundings. A change of focus can change your life for good or bad: I would suggest the former by directing one’s attention to health and safety.

SLOW DOWN, take the second look; have a second thought

Hanshi Platt - CMAC Sensei Wallace Platt, 10th Dan, Hanshi CMAC Founder and Head Instructor and be sure all is as it should be. The mind builds reality, yes but it is the emotional awareness that fuels the manifestation. Don’t just believe something; know that it is real by feeling or seeing it as real for yourself. One of the hardest concepts for humans to learn is if your plan is delayed or affected in a perceived negative way it may be happening to change the timing and protect you from something. Live life as a flow of energy and timing but don’t try to control it, just roll with it, direct it when necessary but ride it; let necessity dictate, be very practical even in spiritual matters. You cannot pray or meditate effectively without eating and sleeping well.

Contemplate then take action based upon a decisive decision, clear vision and meaningful action,

but again do not force the reality; use the force of reality. Everyday is an opportunity to create and every moment move it to manifestation.

Stay out of your head space and stay in your heart mind and your intuition will guide you to the right direction.

Mind forms the foundation and emotion holds the intent; make sure they are in agreement internally and things will flow externally. The great secret of life is that you find the sacred in the ordinary.

Hanshi Platt