CMAC-Crest-Hi-Res-whitebg - Classical Martial Arts Centre - Toronto Central RegionKarate-do: Adults

Shodan Mark Persic Dianne Hadad (S) Leo Marchetti Ivan Dyellalov

Niei Chi

Level 3 Florence Del Rio (S) Level 1


Adults  1st Kyu Harris Snyder Ece Savas 3rd Kyu Farid Pesteh Myles Leva

 Karate-do: Youth

4th Kyu Andrew Gilchrist

Karate-do: Children

Victoire Gilloteaux
LiamPayette-Dyck (E)


5th Kyu
Samantha Omand (E)

Outstanding Performance

Mark Persic

We expect through diligent study, training and application, there will be further progress in the future.