This is to certify, that the following have achieved the ranks listed below. We expect that with continued training and diligent study, there will be further progress in the future.

Karate-Do: Youth

Brown Noam Silverman (Y) Blue Daniel Coady (E) Green/Blue James Keffer (E) Green Alessio Roi (E) Yasmine Ghalayini (E) Yellow/Orange Lucas Stinson (E)

Karate-Do: Children

Orange/Green Elliot Wu (Y) Keyaan Haider Zakaria (Y) Maeve Walker (E) Yellow Max Mong (Y) Jet Mong (Y) Sky Mong (Y) Max Page (Y) Alex Martineau (E) White/Yellow Sophia Lee (Y) Taylen Carey (Y) Daria Luchanova (Y) Andrei Luchanov (Y)

Outstanding Performance:

Keyaan Haider Zakaria (Y) Max Mong (Y) Gambate Sensei