This is to certify, that the following have achieved the ranks listed below.

We expect that with continued trading and diligent study there will be further progress in the future.


Karate-Do: Youth

Blue/Brown Abby Silverman (Y)

Karate-Do: Children

Green/Blue Ben Pringle (E) Green Quinn Daniels Vivienne Thomas Orange/Green Timea Molnar (E) Orange Boaz Rekers Devon Thomas Takuma Donald Maeve Walker (E) Jason Alder - P Ryan Alder - P Yellow/Orange Artin Shoajei Ava Tumne Azaar Siddiqui Roman Stolyarevkyy Jonathan Walker - P Yellow Jay Kathotia Juan Fransisco Nunez Gregory Molnar (E) Jayan Datta - P Marco Mociornita - P White/Yellow Anaisha Bhanjdeo Zichen Huang Max Mong (Y) Jet Mong (Y) Sky Mong (Y) Kymani Laurin (E) Samson Litvinsev (E) - P = Probation. Work still has to be done before the belt can be presented

Outstanding Performances

Abby Silverman (Y) Ben Pringle (E) Quinn Daniels Vivienne Thomas Devon Thomas Timea Molnar (E) Ava Tumne Roman Stolyarevkyy