_cont'd from last week's post; 3 things I encourage you to explore at Warrior's Yoga in 2018

 3. Lighting up your fire.

This is where the warrior lives Wild and Free. I truly believe we are spoiled brats taking our privileged lives for granted. Put your life on the line, if you don't know how to live it properly.
Warriors live their life knowing that life is temporary, like everything in this reality. Their attitude towards it is motivated by a strong purpose and set of values that's stronger than their fear. The path of the warrior is a peaceful path full of joy, purpose and compassion; never ruled by fear. They have the strength to act for what they know is right without complaining, discussing it with 10 other people, asking google or mom for their opinion... a Warrior's mind and heart is always aligned with their action.
My intention through Warrior's Yoga Flow is to awaken the warrior within you by grounding you, quieting the mind, connecting you with your true self , guiding you in moving strong in grace like water. Once you connect with the feeling of being one with all on your mat, you can feel it in your life. 

Watch: NO MORE FEAR by Sadhguru , Eckhart Tolle and Mooji 

Open your heart to a new(old) way of yogic practice at Classical Martial Arts Centre, Hasu Dojo - a sacred space for warrior spirits. Side-effects may include increased feelings of joy, flexibility, strength, courage, clarity in vision and relaxation.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6:45PM  |  Friday 5:30 |  Sunday 7:30PM
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