_cont'd from last week's post; 3 things I encourage you to explore at Warrior's Yoga in 2018

2. Enjoying simple pleasures 

Once you master self discipline and let-go of your excuses then it's easy to start enjoying what is.
How are you feeling today?
If your answer is  "I'm Fine", "Not too bad" or "Ok" more than 50% of the time; I'm sorry to break it to you but something has to change. Think about it; everyday you're going through life feeling Just Fine! How long are you planning on doing that? Seriously!
Listen to this: How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins
Life is happening to us at this moment. There is beauty and pleasure at every single moment if we just open our eyes to see it. Most of us chase pleasures outside. This is probably because our hearts are often not into what we are doing at the moment. Feeling disconnected and aimlessly trying to fill a void. The satisfaction we get from this kind of activities are only temporary. There is nothing wrong with them, and I'm not suggesting to give them up. What I'm saying is when you start living a purposeful life then even the most unpleasant tasks become enjoyable and full-filing in action.
Ask yourself what does it take for you to say "I'm great this morning", "I feel amazing".
During Warrior's Yoga we practice with intention, non attachment and surrendering. When you let go of your attachment to your intention and allow yourself to find pleasures in the present moment; the intention fills your life.
Open your heart to a new(old) way of yogic practice at Classical Martial Arts Centre, Hasu Dojo - a sacred space for warrior spirits. Side-effects may include increased feelings of joy, flexibility, strength, courage, clarity in vision and relaxation.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6:45PM  |  Friday 5:30 |  Sunday 7:30PM