Letting go of 2017  I encourage you to revisit how this year has been for you. For me it was a year of finding my truth, traveling and exploring in hopes of finding my purpose in life, allowing myself time and space to create, and self-mastery through disciplined mental and physical training. As the year comes to an end, I feel more grounded, happier, and stronger because I know my purpose, I have clarity of direction and the disciplined attitude needed to get there. 
Great gurus are not the ones who tell you what to do, but the ones who guide you to find your own answers.
My goal as your yoga teacher is to give you a similar experience to what I experienced this year: time and space to relax, be yourself, listen, and connect with your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the universe.

Here is 1 of the 3 things I encourage you to explore at Warrior's Yoga in 2018 :

1. Knowing self:

Sounds easy enough. But if you're used to living a life of avoidances then regardless of your age you may still be clueless or feel lost. And it's totally normal to feel that way. We often mix up knowing what we want with knowing what we don't want. It is much easier to identify what we don't want but much harder to make up our mind about what we want. Identifying what you want doesn't mean you're closing yourself to all the other wonderful opportunities. It just means that you're now ready to take focused action towards a positive goal. Unfortunately this is what scares people away because most of us are too tired to commit that kind of time and energy for ourselves. But let me ask you this; if you have no time for yourself, what's the point of your life? 
Participating in a regular physical practice teaches us self discipline - doing something that you may not feel like doing over and over again for the benefit of your own. This is incredibly powerful! Do you know why? Because you are actually building trust with your subconscious or re-wiring your brain. Your subconscious mind is like a little kid. If you continuously promise to pick them up from school, but often can't make it because you're too busy, imagine how that effects their feelings and expectations of you. Similarly, when you miss showing up for yourself because you're too busy or exhausted; you are telling yourself you're not important, not worthy, weak or whatever... And that same vibration start filing your life.
Listen to HOW TO REPROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS - Dandapani on London Real
At Warrior's Yoga we encourage mindfulness - self knowing and observation, intention, love and kindness. By practicing regularly, you can help yourself recognize and break negative patterns in your life. 
Open your heart to a new(old) way of yogic practice at Classical Martial Arts Centre, Hasu Dojo - a sacred space for warrior spirits. Side-effects may include increased feelings of joy, flexibility, strength, courage, clarity in vision and relaxation.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6:45PM  |  Friday 5:30 |  Sunday 7:30PM
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