Hello All,

We are delighted to report that in just a few days we were able to raise $450 to contribute to the Ft. McMurray Relief efforts.

This amount will be multiplied to $1800.00 leveraging the charity programs available to us.

Congratulations to all for seeing the need and for responding so quickly. Well done!

Every effort makes a difference. Upon submitting the funds to Softchoice Cares, we were informed that they were still $420 shy from their goal of $10,000. Our contribution pushed them over the top, and Softchoice Cares is sending a cheque for $20,000 to the Red Cross, who is going to turn that into $40,000.

There's no need to emphasize what a difference this money will make to those who's lives have been turned upside-down.

Together in Forward Motion

Kyoshi, Renshi and Sensei Brands