Algernon Williams' ‘Ease’

When we can look at the facts about any given occurrence as it presents to us, without the emotions that are often attached to that situation, we can enter the role of the neutral observer.
A neutral observer can examine a situation from a detached space of not being invested emotionally in the outcome. This overview allows us to decide if our stance in the situation is going to benefit us. We can then view each perspective in the situation and make a conscious choice as to how to respond. There is a difference between reacting and responding. When we react to something it is usually because there is a habitual belief system in play. When we respond we are choosing to make a conscious choice When we strive to see just the facts without our emotions, while remembering that these so-called facts are only our perception of the situation, we allow ourselves to gain a different understanding of the situation and can choose how we respond. It is impossible to be a neutral observer all the time. We all have thoughts and beliefs that weave into our story. What is important is developing the ability to be a neutral observer as a skill, and to try to live from that place as often as is possible. When we do this and suspend our judgment, we no longer have prejudice in the situation. This frees us to choose another way to respond and participate. Our thoughts are varied and are always in constant flow, so there are many possible perspectives that can be derived from any one situation. The challenge of neutrality is deciding what we choose to think and believe. All perspectives are valid, because we are all individuals having our own experiences. The question then is. Does the perspective we are choosing, serve our highest and best good? If the answer is no, then we should try to shift it. Re-examine the thoughts and beliefs that are the bases of that viewpoint and choose a more positive set. Choose and choose again until we find a set of ideas or beliefs that serve us. This opens pathways of increased satisfaction and happiness. When we choose to look at something differently, we change nothing on the outside, but we change our entire world from the inside. Facts are facts, what we are changing is our perspective in order to increase the flow of what nourishes us. It is then important to remind ourselves to remain neutral to others. People around us will all have different perspectives. Do not fall into the trap of judging, there is no need. With the understanding that we are all unique and equal, comes the wisdom of no longer needing to judge and no longer caring if others judge us. Neutrality will free us from conflict and gives us flexibility. The flexibility to bend or change as needed in response to life’s situations. Welcome to A New Way of Living