greenpeace Last week our worst fears came true. An oil spill struck the Arctic. Luckily, this oil spill only affected the mini world of Legoland, as you can see in the video below. But the bad news is that LEGO is refusing to end its partnership with Shell, whose drilling plans threaten the Arctic with a very real disaster. Shell isn't just using LEGO to try to clean up its image. It's also plastering its logo on millions of children's toys in a shameful attempt to make kids think that oil use--and environmental destruction--is no big deal. Already more than 250,000 people around the world have written to LEGO, asking it to end the deal that's making everyone very, very uncomfortable. But LEGO said on Tuesday it has no intention of quitting the lucrative partnership with the company that is threatening the Arctic. It's clear we need to get much, much louder. Add your voice now to tell LEGO to ditch Shell before it’s too late for the Arctic. Shell needs LEGO because everything else it does is so bad--from being a driving force in the climate crisis to drilling in the home of polar bears and people--that it must use the positive image of popular brands to masquerade as a semi-responsible company. But just like it’s not OK for a tobacco company to market to children, an oil company has no place in our toy chests. We know that a company like Shell can only continue its destructive ways as long as society accepts it. So that's why we’re asking LEGO to show the world--and our children--that an ethical company won't work with Shell. With fewer and fewer brands willing to help Shell try to clean up its image, Shell will find it harder and harder to distract the public from its reckless abuse of our planet. LEGO said last week that it’s “determined to leave a positive impact on society and the planet that children will inherit”. It’s time for LEGO to live up to those words. If LEGO cares about kids, it will dump Shell. But only you can make it happen. Sincerely, alex speers Alex Speers-Roesch Arctic Campaigner Greenpeace Canada