Please join us at 8:30 tonight in turning off your lights for one hour.

Here is Hanshi's Note this month...



The most important things needed to live are unseen and dealing with these forces, both good and bad, are a focus in budo training. In an age where the use of ever changing technology increases in daily life, it is even more important to understand how these forces impact health and well being. Natural forces of air, water, gravity, bio-electricity, sound, light, etc., are all necessary for our existence and yet, you cannot see them. Changes in temperatures, frequencies and vibrations highly impact how we feel, nothing like the good feeling we experience after a powerful thunder-lightening storm where nature saturates the area with an ion energy shower. Unfortunately there are other energy forms saturating our reality that we need to be aware of, primarily EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from the new technologies such as 4G 5G iPhones, WiFi, laptop or iPad radiation etc. Once you have a deeper understanding of the science you will realize how important it is to get WiFi out of homes and schools also to get these devices out of children's hands and away from their heads. I have placed a link to the latest publication on that I recommend everyone read even if you are aware of the subject. Again, I feel it is the most important thing you can do to protect your families' health as well as the planet's. It is the open mind that has breakthoughs rather than breakdowns to deal with reality and before debating answers we should make sure the right questions are being asked. Then focus energy on solutions not excuses; it's always best to direct anger energy to the problem not people. People value people who value people but there are many institutions and corporations on this planet that do not, this has to change. It all starts with our awareness and voice to protect ourselves and those who cannot protect themselves.
~ Sensei W. M. Platt