The energy of LOVE is very pure, simple and all-embracing. It is the human ego that complicates it. It is our human programming that separates it into categories. Love of self, love for a soul mate, love for a child, love for a friend or family. We try to define it, control it, hold power over it and use it to suppress and control others.
But Love is who we are. It is our natural nature. It is us at our core. Every cell in our bodies vibrates at the frequency of love, and if we let it, that will be who and what we experience. There is no winning in love, no competition, no expectation, no needing. love is a circular energy, it is what we transmit, and what we receive. It is not linear there is no pulling or pushing in this energy, it's an energy that simply is. Love is a presence without any needs at all. It gives without question and receives without expectation. It is a flow of divine energy a give and take of equal proportions. Divine Abundance is first and foremost a flow outward that is transmitted from our hearts and received on a Quantum Level, vibrationally by the universe in response to the energy we hold and share. It is a response to who we are being day by day, the decisions we make instant by instant. The love we are living in every now moment. Divine Flow is natural, organic and easy. It is our ego minds that make it complicated to receive. We get tied up with expectation and need, looking for what is in it for us. We try to control how and when we will get our returns and in so doing inhibit the pureness and flow of the love we have to give. The trick to receiving divine abundance is simply to forget about it. Disregard any notions of what is coming back to us, have no concern for gains. Stop thinking about outcomes, erase from our minds any ideas of what is needed. And simply focus on what we have to offer. How we can be the best we can be. Ask ourselves what would LOVE do in this instance and do that. Divine receiving is a vibrational response, it’s a direct correlation to the energy of love we each hold within, and more importantly the love we each transmit as we live our lives. When we naturally and organically transmit our love out to the world there can be no other response but to receive that love naturally and organically in divine abundance.