Remember what Karate is about... SELF DEFENCE! Your son/daughter is coming here to learn how to protect him/herself from a situation and make smart decisions when a caregiver is not present. Your son/daughter is also developing awareness, self confidence, a respect for self and others. Training in the Martial Arts IS really fun, BUT it's NOT about ENTERTAINING your child. The martial arts has a discipline component, which means there are times classes do feel like "work" and and "effort" required... for some children, this isn't always something they want to do (because after all, screen time is much easier!). But the reality of life on the playground, in the schools, malls, on the streets, etc, isn't always going to be fun. A fight isn't fun. Being teased by the playground bully isn't fun. Losing sight of mom/dad for a few seconds in a crowd isn't fun, having a test isn't fun. Have the DISCIPLINE to train and practice through something that feels like work is going to give your son/daughter that "extra" to get through those challenging times. POWER THROUGH. Your son/daughter doesn't have to feel great to do great. The days he/she complains about coming to Karate class are usually the days he/she NEEDS to come. Ensuring he/she comes to every class, no matter what, sets the tone of YOUR expectation. The discipline he/she is developing is going to pay off in all other facets of his/her life. Guaranteed, your son/daughter will FEEL GREAT after coming to that class he/she didn't feel like coming to in the first place.

Sensei W. M. Platt