Imagine karate from the perspective of a future person living in a digitized universe simulation. They'll be like "Time to practice my katas!" and their e-Sensei will be like "I think you mean 'time to practice my digikarate cyberkatas!'" This person would be like "Check out my rising dragon punch!" and their e-Sensei, rather than chiding this karateka with such advice as "You put too much weight on your back foot", will say "You rose only 300 pixels from the ground, rather than the regulation 327 pixels. Bad form!" Karate tournaments will be judged on how pixel-precise your cyberkatas are, and also when you defeat your opponent, they fly backwards in slow motion and low-res doves come out of nowhere and a disembodied voice yells "KAY OHHH!", even though you of course would not dream of actually rendering your opponent unconscious. The future is a confusing place, perhaps it's best that you practice karate here in the present. by Isabelle's boyfriend